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“ ORGANIZED WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS OF ESTELÍ”, in its acronym is known as“MOES”. 

It is a civil association with legal personality, non-political, nonprofit, with social and development interest, based in the city of Estelí, Departament of Estelí,
la Repúblic of Nicaragua.                   

Women's empowerment is the ultimate expression of gender equality and human personal development that women reach, but in countries like ours, Nicaragua, because of poverty, the Government focuses the priorities of the general budget of the Republic in political works and economic development, leaving aside the social needs and hence the attention to women victims of violence, commercial sexual exploitation.

Our work has been made possible by friendly hands, which we have developed with women in prostitution self-esteem issues, human trafficking, human rights, sexual and reproductive health and gender equity, but this is only the beginning of process, this is a difficult road, but not impossible, we are very aware that we are on the right track and that we will empower our target group, which is one of the most discriminated against.

MOES, aware that most of the victims of trafficking are womens and childrens. Affected and exploited as cheap labor, victims of sexual exploitation, illegal adoptions and organ removal. Has been developing strategies for prevention and reporting of human trafficking in Estelí,, having performed in November 2010 a fruitful exchange of experiences with a prestigious organization in the field, such as Captive Daugthers, in Los Angeles, USA, we infinitely thank them for their kindness and hospitality.

We cannot say that now our target group is fully empowered, but if we promote female empowerment in all our actions because we believe in the power and potential of women.


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