MOES - Nicaragua
  RATT Nicaragua

General Purpose
Promote integration and participation in economic, social and cultural status of women in prostitution and trafficking in the Department of Estelí, through educational, research, outreach and awareness, gender, women empowerment, as well as workshops, lectures topics and skills, so that medium and long term to achieve an attitude of self-respect, courage, confidence and fight to defend their rights from themselves.

Specific Objectives
1) To promote the integration and participation in economic, social, and cultural status of women in prostitution in the department of Estelí.

2) Prevent and report on human trafficking in all its forms and deepen efforts to create a regional front to counter this problem.

3) Promoting sexual and reproductive rights with a gender perspective in social sectors and population groups at risk and discrimination.

4) To promote awareness and prevention efforts focus on women, children and adolescents in situations of gender-based violence.

5) To facilitate and promote access of women, and youth education and awareness programs on STIs, HIV-AIDS, and Family Planning has impact in reducing mortality rates due to these situations.

6) promote the defense and protection of children and adolescents at risk of commercial sexual exploitation.

7) Promote participation of women, youth and adolescents from poor sectors of the Urban and Rural carriers to enable them to become aware of gender inequality and social problems affecting the human rights of Nicaraguan citizens.

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