MOES - Nicaragua
  RATT Nicaragua

1.      Direct attention through talks on human rights issues, self esteem, sexual health, reproductive health and violence to 80 women in prostitution victims of violence.


2.      Diagnosis in three municipalities in the department of Estelí, with a varied sample of 70 women, to know the motivation of these women in prostitution to be part of an organization that defends and protects their human rights, this is the first study in the north of our country that has allowed us to obtain reliable statistical data, the true reality of women in prostitution, their views and concerns.



3.      Humanized care from 3 health centers of the Department of Estelí towards women served by us, thanks to an agreement we signed with these 3 health centers, as sensitize medical personnel and care of these Centers in terms of how treat our group, which has always been discriminated against.



4.      The creation of an integrated group of 12 promoters of the target group of women, divided into, 6 promoter in the town of Estelí, 3 promoters in the municipality of Condega and 3 promoters in the municipality of La Trinidad, to support the educational work with their similar and encourage interest in the organization.


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