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MOES Group, was formed on 05 May 2005 in the city of Estelí, Nicaragua. A group of 5 women became aware of the problems women in prostitution deal with, the discrimination and violence they suffer in the streets, led us to want to be part of the solution; since there were and there are foundations and organizations that help one way or another the women in prostitution, but only those who remain in certain establishments as sex workers. The most vulnerable, discriminated and abused are women who remain in the streets, so we decided to start an approach process, to introduce our grup and gain their trust, because they don't trust anyone and they always are defensive. It's been a slow process, but thank God, we have earn their respect and trust.

Among the founders are Gloria Ray Rivera, then a student of the First Year of Business Administration, Flor Alanis Angelina Valle, graduated in law, Esperanza Peralta Videa, Public Accountant, Anabell Rugama Ruiz, Bachelor of Administration Tourism and Hotel business, and Lissette Velasquez Julissa Dormus, BA in International Relations and a certified Trainer of Micro and Small Entrepreneurs.

Initially we had very little experience in social work, ideas were shared between us to guide our way with women in prostitution. With the passage of time and learning from good and bad experiences, we knew how to approach them, to talk and to accomplish, in some way, they listen.

Being a small organization without own funds cost us that from the five founders only two have remained in MOES Group. The other three: Gloria, Flor and Anabel have gotten full-time jobs, we have a good friendship with all of them, but we understand that the help MOES could offer was too small and we all have financial needs to cover.

So now some new members has joined, such as Gioconda Matamoros Psychologist, Daniela Castillo Social Worker, Claudia Jimenez Student of Hotel and Tourism Management and a male member, Walter Matus, Civil Engineer, Consultant in Business Development Services.

Recently in the month of July 2010 after many sacrifices, we obtained the legal status of our Association and we believe, that we can grow as an organization and provide a better opportunity for our team and our target group.

Our goal is to affect 80% of women in prostitution, become an external support that accompanies a sustainable self-organizing process that in this way they can defend their rights and have a space for mutual support, in a medium or long term will open up new opportunities for them to finally get them out of this situation, because MOES Grup, consider prostitution as an aspect of male violence against women and officially recognize a form of exploitation of women and men constitutes a significant social problem, gender equality will remain unattainable as long as men buy, sell and exploit women in prostitution.

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